Anne Madden – Assistant Librarian at St Vincent’s Healthcare Group

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    Areas of interest: CPD, Health Librarians as a professional body, skills & competencies for health librarians in different roles, collaborative work, demonstrating our value.

    HEAR and HEAL with Health Librarians

    This presentation will outline two important health promotion initiatives which have been developed collaboratively by Irish Library & Information professionals.

    The first “HEAR – Health Evidence and Awareness Report” is now in its 3rd year. Each issue focuses on a key health topic and pulls together a selection of trustworthy resources aimed at the public as well as health professionals. You can see all issues on the National Health Repository, Lenus, at Each issue is produced collaboratively by Health Librarians from across Ireland who identify and select appropriate material for inclusion in each issue.

    Following on from “HEAR”, last year the SVHG (St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group) librarians contacted representatives of the Dublin Public Libraries sector and UCD Health Systems to develop the second project “HEAL – Health Education and Literacy”. It aims to address the critical issue of Health Literacy in the public, with a focus on online health literacy. Public Librarians will be at the heart of this initiative which will be piloted in Dublin under the auspices of LGMA.

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