Bernadette Flood PhD MPSI Senior Pharmacist

  • Bernadette Flood is a pharmacist who has experience working in maternity, psychiatric and general hospitals. She has worked for the past 16 years in a residential care centre that is home to people ageing with intellectual disabilities.

    Bernadette has a M. Sc in Primary Health Care from RCSI and has an interest in the determinants of health and in health and health care inequalities and inequities.

    She is particularly interested in the  medication use process in the population ageing

    with intellectual disabilities.

    Bernadette  was conferred with a PhD in Trinity College Dublin  in 2016 and developed Quality Indicators for medication use in people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour disorders.  Her project work also involved interviewing people with intellectual disabilities who live in the community.

    Bernadette’s presentation today describes some of what she learnt about the medicines use process from the people she interviewed.

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