Bernard Chanliau – ICF Ireland Coach of the Year

  • A bi-lingual Professional Certified Coach (PCC- ICF since 2010 and Ireland Coach of the year 2015), versed in transformational leadership, systems-thinking and team coaching within global and start-up organisations, offering deep experience of organisation development (OD), culture and operations management for driving customer-centric business change strategies.

    A “doer” excelling at breaking down complex situations into manageable, tangible work, excellent project and influencing skills and the ability to drive change and influence cross functionally.

    Currently owner of BC Leadership Team Coaching, a service provider of progressive approaches to business innovation that helps organisation and their leaders upgrade, adapt and develop their business to thrive in new market conditions. This helps re-engineer the cultural architecture of the system engaging it to co-author its future across stakeholder groups.

    My background includes 18 years in the IT sector with global Fortune 500 firms, reaching European board level, where I executed in strategic sales, and collaborative leadership roles throughout EMEA.
    This period led me to reside in seven countries on three continents (Europe, Asia, and USA).


    • My influencing skills with the SMT is difficult and I feel stuck?
    • I tend to equate the exercise of power with the pursuit of my self-interest
    • My leadership primary focus is on ‘doing things right’ and not ‘doing the right things’
    • I’m unaware of the extent to which my values and belief system influences my selection and interpretation of factual information
    • We have a lot of un-discussable issues and inefficient meetings within the team
    • Our structures and behaviours prevent innovative ideas from surfacing
    • We have competition instead of collaboration among team members……etc.

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