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      24/03/2015...Health.. Krystian Fikert CEO of MyMind pictured outside their offices in Ranelagh, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

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    Krystian Fikert is the CEO and Founder of MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing, a non-profit, social enterprise that provides affordable and accessible mental health services within the community. Krystian set up MyMind in 2006 in response to Ireland’s complicated mental health system. With four national centres in Ireland, MyMind is bypassing the need for clinical referral, long waiting lists and high-cost services, empowering people to directly access mental health supports when they need them. By offering early intervention support, Krystian drives a model that helps to build people’s resilience and avoid more serious problems developing in the long term, reducing suicide rates and preventing the necessity for long-term treatment. Krystian Fikert received an MA in Clinical Psychology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland in 2004. After completing his studies, Krystian moved to Dublin in 2005 to work for Google as a search quality associate. He left Google in 2007 to work with the Health Service Executive as a psychologist in clinical training. Krystian has certifications in CBT, CAT and EMDR. In his work with MyMind, Krystian has been named an Ashoka fellow (2011), received multiple awards from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (Level 2 2009, Elevator Programme Award 2011, Impact Award 2013), received the Captain Cathal Ryan Scholarship (2010), and won the Arthur Guinness Award in 2012. Throughout his professional career, Krystian has undergone further training from INSEAD – the Business School for the World. In 2010, he completed executive education in their social entrepreneurship programme, and in 2011 in their European health leadership programme.  Krystian is an INSEAD Enterpreneur in Residence.

    Mental health: The role of technology and the importance of accessibility


    Synopsis: MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing was founded in 2006 by ex-Googler Krystian Fikert, as a not-for-profit provider of accessible mental health care. A decade on and MyMind has provided more than 70,000 appointments nationwide and helped close to 25,000 lives. Mr Fikert will be talking about the role of  digital technology in mental health support and how MyMind has leveraged tech to bring to life its model of accessible and affordable mental health care.

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