Clare O’Dwyer – Researcher, NUI Galway

  • Graduated from TCD with an honours degree in ‘Natural Sciences’ specialising in Microbiology. Have 18 years’ industry experience including 15 with a major pharmaceutical organisation. Completed a Masters in Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) at NUI Galway in 2013 and started the PhD journey in October 2015. Married with 4 adult children living in Galway city.



    Title:  Embracing Paradox and Conflict: How to drive ambidexterity in project portfolios

    Synopsis: Organisations are being encouraged to simultaneously follow two types of innovation to achieve current day success (exploitation) and long-term survival (exploration). However, each innovation type is the polar-opposite of the other, making contradictory demands on the organisation and its leaders. Furthermore, there is a natural tendency towards one type of innovation (incremental) that crowds out the other to the detriment of long term performance. This presentation starts the conversation on how performance management can drive the right types of innovation through project portfolio selection. The research aims to contribute to a fuller understanding of how ambidextrous organisations use performance measurement systems to drive and manage tensions and conflict during project portfolio selection.