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    Colette Myler has worked in many areas of St James’s Hospital initially as a receptionist and clerk and finally as the Hospital’s Freedom of Information and Complaint’s Officer.  Colette then moved to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin where she began to work with the Project and Development Department and found that project work suited her, so she took up a course in Project Management at the Blanchardstown Institute of Technology.  While in Crumlin, Colette worked on the specification documents for procurement of extensive equipment for ten new operating theatres and went on to Project Manage the new MRI and Gamma Camera diagnostic unit.  From there, Colette moved on to work at the National Rehabilitation Hospital where she is currently the Equipping Officer for the New Hospital Project Development.

    Colette specialises in Project, Requirements and Procurement Management in the Healthcare Sector, she is experienced in the preparation of equipment or service tender specification and the completion of firm but fair evaluation. Colette understands the importance of equipment functionality and the wider consequences of procuring such as the complexities of installation, commissioning, training and acceptance. 

    Colette has travelled to exhibitions in Ireland, Chicago, Milan and Dusseldorf to build up a knowledge base on the technology and standards that will impact healthcare equipment and services of the future. 

    The proposed talk “End User Approach to Writing Good Specification for New Equipment” will be of interest to end users about to embark on drawing up a specification, perhaps for the first time, and who may welcome some insight on what they need to consider and how they need to develop their requirements while being respectful of the time and effort it takes a company to prepare answers for such complex tender’s.


    Presentation Title: An End User approach to writing good specifications for new equipment”

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