Darren Shannon – PhD researcher, University of Limerick

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    Darren Shannon is a PhD researcher at the University of Limerick. He is involved with the EU-funded VIDAS and Cloud-LSVA research projects, which seek to map Europe’s ascending autonomous vehicle industry. Darren’s role centres on the econometrics of traffic accidents and the impact of autonomy on the motor insurance industry.


    Title: Applying Crash Data to Injury Claims – An Investigation of Determinant Factors in Severe Motor Vehicle Accidents

    (Paper accepted to Accident Analysis & Prevention – publication forthcoming)

    Synopsis: An extensive number of research studies have attempted to capture the factors that influence the severity of road traffic accidents. The high number of risks facing all traffic participants has led to an increase in sophisticated data collection schemes that focus on crash characteristics and severity of impact. This study makes use of this data by relating injuries suffered in road traffic accidents to expected trauma compensation payouts and deriving a quantitative cost function.

    Crash and injury data are combined with the Book of Quantum, an Irish governmental document that offers guidelines on the appropriate compensation to be awarded for injuries sustained in accidents. A multiple linear regression is carried out to identify the crash factors that significantly influence expected compensation costs, and is compared to previous models in the research space.

    The model offers encouraging results given the inherent variation in road traffic accidents and the subjectivity of compensation payout judgments. The results raise queries on the future development of claims reserving (capital allocations earmarked for future expected claims payments) as advanced driver assistant systems (ADASs) seek to eradicate the most frequent types of crash factors upon which insurance mathematics base their assumptions.