Dr. Sudipto Das

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      • Title: B.Tech, M.Res, PhD - Honorary lecturer and Senior Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
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    As a Senior Post-doctoral researcher based at RCSI, Sudipto’s key research expertise involves application of genomics and epigenomics approaches across a several diseases including cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, with the aim to identifying potential predictive/prognostic biomarkers and/or therapeutic targets that can be ultimately aid in enhancing better patient care.


    Title: Applying genomics approaches to understand complex disease states in Cancer

    Synopsis: It has been well documented that known and well established cancer types can often display an irregular disease patterns, highlighted by presentation of an aggressive disease patterns that not has detrimental consequences on patient well being and survival, but also enacts as a significant challenge for clinicians. This presentation will focus on our ongoing efforts in applying a multidisciplinary high-throughput next-generation genomics sequencing approaches, to such similar clinical cases that exhibit unusual characteristics, with an attempt to develop an in depth understanding of the disease biology and in parallel providing the clinicians better diagnostic and/or therapeutic options for the future. More importantly, the talk will in principle highlight the importance and need for applying similar genomics approaches in a clinical setting in order to ultimately facilitate the global vision of personalized medicine in cancer.