Nigel Oakley – Director of Business Development, Ampliphae

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    Nigel Oakley is a Director for Ampliphae Ltd focused on providing security and compliance for organisations Cloud and SaaS applications. Nigel has held senior engineering and business executive positions for some of the world’s leading IT companies. Prior to Ampliphae he was Chief Architect for Cloud and Automation in Juniper Networks



    Title: The Hidden Risks of Saas and Cloud Applications and how to take Back Control

    Synopsis: This talk will focus on the use of Cloud and SaaS applications in organisations and the hidden security, compliance and financial risks they expose. Most organisations do not realise that they use lots of free and paid for cloud applications ranging from simple PDF convertors and storage services such as Dropbox to sophisticated suites of applications such as Slack and Customer Relationship Management suites. We have discovered over 14,000 of these applications and most companies have over 100 such services and some 1000’s

    The challenge is that these services are often signed up for by users quickly and easily on the web without any governance or oversight by management and IT. In many cases confidential and intellectual property information is then stored on these sites with no knowledge of how secure they are or where they are located. With the imminent enforcement of GDPR and the NIS Directive, companies are exposed if they do not know where their employees have stored information. Also with no awareness of the applications in use organisations face additional financial and business continuity exposures.

    This presentation will focus on the steps organisations have to take to discover, audit and control the Cloud and SaaS applications in use and provide the governance required for GDPR and NIS