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    Raphael Jaffrezic is the Chief Information Officer of the Galway Clinic, a private hospital in the West of Ireland. He holds a masters in IT engineering and Business Management. Raphael has been involved in healthcare transformation through IT his whole career, starting from a technical role as an IT Engineer then progressing to an Executive position.


    During his career Raphael led a number of innovation projects both clinical and operational, which created process and patient safety improvements throughout the organisation. The Galway Clinic was the first hospital in Ireland and the UK to reach HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Stage 6, a prestigious award on the utilisation of Healthcare Informatics to improve patient care through Digitisation.


    He is dedicated and passionate in using Information Technology as a strategic driver to better the delivery of care and support clinicians. He is also a black belt in Lean Six Sigma.


    Presentation Title: 

    Close loop medication administration: from patient benefit to epic fails!


    Presentation synopsis:

    This presentation will use the case study of the implementation of a closed loop administration solution at the Galway Clinic to highlight the positive impact from such a system on patient care. Examples of real time clinical decision support as well as clinical analytics with a proven impact on patient care will be provided. Since no project is complete without its share of failures, the speaker will also go through some of the “learnings” acquired during  the implementation, “learnings” that could only be described as “epic fails” in today’s standards.

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