Siobhan Dee – Health Coach and Owner,

  • Siobhan is convinced that lifestyle medicine is hugely important to regress or reverse type 2 diabetes. Her extensive experiences as a nurse, senior manager in the pharma industry, health coach and avid researcher of diabetes has convinced her that we must embrace this approach to interrupt this epidemic, save lives and save our health service.



    Title: Lifestyle changes that really work in Type 2 Diabetes

    Synopsis: In this talk Siobhan outlines the importance of teaching the true meaning of health and vitality and how helping people to understand the concept of nutrition, the importance of movement, the impact of stress and the value of sleep can all have such a positive impact on blood sugar, fat loss and overall health. Current guidelines, treatments and food pyramids are clearly failing us, research supports the fact that the right lifestyle changes can work better than drugs. Is it time to look at this more closely?