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  • Sophie Madden has been a medical writer on the clinical team in 3D4Medical since 2015. Sophie graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. She has contributed to research in the fields of neuropsychology and neuroimmunology. Sophie is actively involved in the development of 3D4Medical’s new series of patient education platforms, working closely with leading experts in cardiology and orthopedic medicine.

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    The New Interface for Medical Education and Healthcare


    3D4Medical is the world-leader in the production of 3D medical learning applications and platforms. 3D4Medical disrupts traditional methods of learning by developing applications that allow the educator, student, and patient to experience medical education like never before.

    Today, Edel and Sophie will be presenting two of the company’s groundbreaking products – Complete Anatomy and Complete Ortho.

    Complete Anatomy is our flagship academic platform that is transforming how anatomy and physiology is taught and learned in academic institutions across the world, allowing students to investigate every minute detail of the anatomy in 3D brilliance.

    Complete Ortho is the first patient education product in our upcoming healthcare series, revolutionizing patients’ understanding of their care options by educating and empowering them, and facilitating better communication between them and their practitioners, leading to better healthcare and treatment outcomes across the board.

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