Tom Coleman, Co-Founder, My Nutrition Ireland, Ireland

  • Tom Coleman is the co-founder of My Nutrition Ireland and has worked with elite athletes, world class coaches, brand leaders in business and teams from a wide variety of Sports. He is a specialist in Health, Performance and Recovery, a key note speaker and someone who is passionate about Health. Tom continues to work with fighters from Coach John Kavanaghs gym, professional rugby players and leading international business. He is currently utilizing leading edge technology in Fatigue Science to optimize recovery, monitor and predict fatigue in elite athletes and teams as well as Fatigue Risk Assessment for business.


    “Years of working with elite athletes performing at the highest level, under the greatest amount of pressure has given me great insight. My focus tends to be on what people do away from training and work – Optimizing Nutrition, Health and Sleep not only empowers people but enriches their life and performance with vitality and health.”

    Presentation Title                        : Fatigue Science; Is Fatigue costing you?



    • What is Fatigue Science – Mental fatigue and giving it context
    • Using US Military Technology to measure mental Fatigue
    • Validated Software & Wearable Technology – how is it validated?
    • Predicting Fatigue Accurately- giving context to the tech
    • Who uses it? -NASA, Harvard School of Health, US Air Force
    • Uses by Elite Athletes & Teams
    • Uses in Business and Fatigue Risk Assessments
    • Utilizing Fatigue Science technology to improve productivity
    • Other Factors – Nutrition, Scheduling and empowerment.
    • The Future – use in everyday workforce.


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